June 2012
Shriftman Media, New York, New York May 02, 2011

CATM chelsea and Fund Art Now are honored to present for public viewing a life altering experience that will rock the foundation of our present understanding of life and death.

REVELATION: a visual dissertation on existence propagated through ULYSSES


We live in a distracted world with little or no impetus to reflect on anything but the immediate. Failure to step back and look and make attempt to understand our very existence leaves us poor with only materialistic riches to validate our personal journeys.
It is the purpose of revelation to awaken the innate qualities and reveal our potential destiny; the possession of which, albeit limited to both factors of the physical and conscious, exists in us all. Through the particular medium at hand, the animating principle of life is revealed; the seat of life.
If one takes a moment to reflect one will be allowed to immerse oneself into infinite recourse.
Shedding the idea of the physical along with problematic religious doctrine one can conclude that the spirit of the truth is not bound by the validations of bloodlines or deprivation and abstinence, but by experiential movement. The goal; to alleviate the fear of failure with regard to upholding one's conviction of faith while avoiding the pitfalls of the grandiose.
Ulysses has meandered through the mire of judgemental discontent while following the path that others have journeyed before him. Refusing to be part of the conspiracy of the finite Ulysses seeks to enlighten the intricacies of transformative nature; frail and sooth.
On October 11, 2007 at exactly 6 PM the heavens opened up to discourage.
On October 10, 2008 at exactly 6 PM public outrage tried to dismiss.
On May 12, 2011 at exactly 6 PM the world will discover.
Please join us on May 12,2011 between 6 and 8 PM, 500 W22ND ST NYC

Ulysses has donated 70 works to Fund Art Now to be displayed permanently in their proposed Cathedral of the Arts to be built in New York City as part of their goal to stimulate the new Renaissance. 


Anton S. Kandinsky honors Ulysses by immortalizing him in his groundbreaking gemist grenade series in his 2010 installation of The New York Grenade Room in NYC.

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